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Black Knight, Hybrid Rocket Powered RC Car

Even though we’ve shared with you news and stories only from the “electric RC world” so far, this time we would like to make an exception, which is really worth seeing. Our friend and RC master AJ from UK was so kind to provide us with a couple of videos of his amazingly fast RC Car project called Black Knight.

This beast is powered by a hybrid rocked propulsion of enormous performance that enabled AJ to win 2013 ROSSA World RC Speed Championship with the unbelievable speed of 175.83 mph = 282.98 km/h!!!

Check out the basic specifications of Black Knight:

  • Length 2.1m
  • Weight 12 kg
  • Rocket Motor N20 – Polypropylene Hybrid with 40lbs thrust for 8 seconds
  • Brakes – 20” chute
  • Steering Gyro Stabilized
  • Radio gear Taranis frsky with 459 mhz long range system
  • On Board camera Replay XD
  • Tires – UFRA 42 shore 1/8 on-road foams



Read the story of Black Knight by AJ:

“Black Knight has been built and developed since 2010 to compete in the ROSSA World RC Speed Championships. The highest speed it has achieved so far has been 175.83 mph in 2013 to take the world title from Nic Case by 0.9mph!

The cars development has been sporadic with every run highlighting another area that needed development and upgrade to ensure repeatability of the system. The project is now reaching a stage where the car can be run repeatedly at speed so we can now start pushing the boundaries of max speed“.

“The theoretical top speed for the car in its current configuration is around 210-225mph and we are hoping to push the car to its limit in the next few months. If we can hit the max speed further development is planned to try to attain 250mph within the next 18 months“.

We wish AJ a lot of luck with braking unbelievable speed records in the future!


 Do you wanna brake records with your electric conversion?


Watch more speed run videos:


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