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HPI Baja b5 SS E-Power, MGM COMPRO 25063 X2-Series ESC, 2028 Castle Motor

After a couple of months you can admire another HPI Baja, this time the model b5 SS converted into fully electric version. Let’s enjoy dancing with Baja on the beach in Denmark thanks to our friend Mogens and his video contribution.

Baja is a very popular RC Buggy, which can be used in various off-road conditions. It’s well known as a super-fast buggy that easily hits 60 mph and spins your tires even in higher speeds.

Mogens uses in his Baja MGM COMPRO 25063 X2-Series Electronic Speed Controller, which is one of the best solutions for this buggy. Castle 2028 motor along with 5 000 mAh 12 cells pushes this 1/5 scale RC model with unbelievable power.

Let’s have a short look at the basic equipment:

  • MGM COMPRO 25063 X2-Series ESC
  • 2028 Castle Motor
  • 5 000 mAh 12 cells battery pack
  • Spur 57 Pinion 15

This all makes that beauty easily spin around. Check out the video from the beach and enjoy how fast and powerful this buggy is…



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