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James Beswick – Project CHASER – TMM 40063-3 X2-Series PRO, LMT 2240, 133 mph!!!


It’s been almost a year since we last shared with you news about James Beswick’s custom speed car project. Now we have for you a brand new contribution about the second generation of CHASER with lots of modifications enabling this super- fast RC Car breaking records!

The main upscale in terms of technology is undoubtedly, according to James, “the holy grail of RC speed controllers” – the TMM 40063-3 X2-Series PRO electronic speed controller. Thanks to that there was a need to design an entire new chassis to fit “the monster” of a 400A controller, which you can admire in the pics below.

So with the controller sorted the next challenge was a strong powerful motor to match the monster ESC. There was no doubt that Lehner was the best option. James says that “the smoothness of the motor is like nothing else on the market and it can deliver a smooth steady flow of power”. The best choice for the CHASER was LMT 2240.

The current configuration of the car is designed for running 8cell Lipos, however there is space for running 15cells. This is to allow the car to be configured safely before going all out and running 15cells, which is what James plan to do for the 2015 season.


UK ROSSA event

The abbreviation ROSSA stands for “Radio Operated Scale Speed Association”, which organizes RC speed contests in UK. James Beswick won the event with his beautiful CHASER this year, so read on to learn more about how it was!

Even though everything was in hurry – the car was finished at 10am the morning before the UK ROSSA event (completely untested), it was time to compete against everyone else for the crown of UK’s fastest RC 2014.

James comments:

Testing wasn’t without its problems, tyres get eaten within a single run and I had a set explode and destroy a set of rear cowling, that and the usual teething problems with a untested car.”

“However the good news is the car was super stable and even though I only managed a 80% power run it cruised through the timing gates at 133Mph and as straight as an arrow ….. which by the end of the weekend was just enough to win the ROSSA UK event for the second year running :)”

“I’m hoping to do some further testing over the winter to unleash that extra 20% of throttle and propel the car beyond the 150Mph barrier.”


Congratulations James! We cross our fingers for you to break the 150 mph as soon as possible!



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