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MHZ 138 “Dehumanizer”, 2x LMT 3040/7, 2x MGM TMM 25063-3s X-series

The boat was built by Keith at Keith Bradley Boats. I wanted a clean tunnel build and Keith did exactly as I asked. We chose MGM 25063’s because of their outstanding reputation. And they have lived up to it. For drives he used MBP Click Drives. Rudder is a MHZ with working hydraulics. She is set up in “wye” and run on 12S1P per side. Powered by Dinogy 6S 5000mAh lipos. For recreational cruising I use X457’s detounged. And for fast boating I use X470’s cut to 60mm. Once the build was completed, the boat was sent to Stephen Miles at Airbrush Alley. The H.R. Giger concept was all mine. Stephen took my idea and this is the final product. His attention to detail is outstanding. And when she is not in the water I keep her safely packed in a custom 138 bag emblazoned with the Mystic logo and powerboats.cz.

Steven Arce

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