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MHZ Mystic 115, 2x TMM 25035-3 X-SERIES

I intentionally chose the well-known Bud Light design for this 115 cm Mystic from MHZ. The hull is made from fibreglass combined with bluish black Diolen. Airbrushing was used to achieve the final surface finish. I used high quality American-made NEU 1521 motors on this model. The controllers are MGM COMPRO’s TMM 25035-3 X-SERIES. I’ve already written a lot about their unique properties in my article about the MHZ Mystic 138. The only thing I would add is that these controllers amazed me with their technical level, trouble-free functionality and reliability. After all of my experience I have to admit that these are the best controllers I have ever used. I also have to say that I’ve tried an awful lot of other controllers. The batteries are 2x LE4000mAh 7S1P cells, also from MGM COMPRO (http://mgm-controllers.com).

We shot this video at the beautiful powerboat meeting in Smolenec on one of the last runs before sunset.

Petrfox (www.powerboats.cz)

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