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MHZ Mystic 138, 2x LMT 3040, 2x TMM 25063-3 X2-SERIES

MHZ Mystic C5000 138, carbon/Kevlar hull. The airbrushed parquet finish proved much more labour intensive than first assumed and it was critical to separate the individual colours with a thin layer of lacquer. The final number of layers of paint applied ended at 14. The colour combination used FlipFlop (Chameleon) paints. Hardware (drives and rudders) are from RCR as always. The drive unit, I think, doesn’t need much commentary. LMT 3040 motors in Hi Amp/LK configuration with six wires for “star” or “delta” configurations are among the best available on the market. The most advanced controllers from MGM COMPRO were selected to pair with these top-of-the-line motors; the controllers themselves are based on the company’s industrial line controllers. TMM 25063-3 X2-SERIES controllers were used. These controllers have incomparable variability in terms of settings, diagnostics and PC communication, making it easy to work out the optimum configuration of the entire system. They are also user-friendly, meaning you don’t have to do any complex set up work if you don’t want to. These controllers are delivered with impressive carbon covered cooler with the MGM COMPRO logo. A 6-wire version is available making connections to 6-wire motors simple and easy. These controllers help deliver the best results with the highest levels of performance and speed.

Enjoy the video we’ve put together from a beautiful area on the outskirts of Prague. The interior of the shack on the edge of the lake is most definitely worth checking out. The video was shot with a GoPro HERO3 Black Edition camera. The first part of the video offers an overview of the bow of this power boat. The second half focuses on the stern of the boat and the geyser generated by the propeller. Then you get to enjoy the rush of its tremendous speed as if you were on-board. Hopefully you enjoy it 🙂 .

Petrfox (www.powerboats.cz)

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