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MHZ Mystic 1850, 2 x MGM COMPRO TMM 40063 X2 Series PRO ESC, 2 x Lehner 3080

This is for sure one of the best MHZ Mystics you’ve ever seen here on X-Powerized. Thanks to Sebastijan we can enjoy the ride with his 1850 on the lake.

This Race Boat is without any doubts a real beast. Its equipment doesn’t need any other commentary…

  • 2 x Lehner 3080 engines
  • 2 x MGM COMPRO 40063 X2 Series PRO ESC
  • 2 x 12S2P
  • PropShop 6518/SS

Even though it was very windy and the lake was choppy you can see a great stability of Sebastijan’s Mystic. The fastest passes were done just with 1/2 throttle, which is hard to believe!

We are really looking forward to having a full throttle video of such a beautiful piece of work! Now you can enjoy just a “slow” ride and get prepared for the top speed run, which is coming soon…


Check out the video!




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