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MYSTIC 185 MHZ – TAG HEUER MONACO from Steven Arce, 2x LMT 3060 Hi-Amp/LK, 2x MGM TMM 25063-X2-Series 250/360A

It’s unbelievable how much money are people able to invest in their Powerboats. One of such an enthusiasts is Steven Arce from Vero Beach, Florida. Let’s have a look at his boat which traveled all around the world to be completed.

We can start with carbon deck Mystic 185 cm which was made by the German company MHZ in the Czech Republic. Then the boat went to Adelaide, Australia to be built in a very luxurious design TAG HEURER MONACO by Kent Lauritsen. Afterwards the boat was shipped to Indiana where it got a very nice airbrush by Stephen Miles. The last journey lead to Vero Beach, Florida to the owner. And the masterpiece was ready for the first ride.

MGM Compro plays the decisive role when it comes to premium ESC TMM 25063-X2-Series 250/360A to provide the finest control over this beast.

Check out the features of this Mystic:

  • Deck MHZ Carbon/Kevlar 185 cm
  • Hardware MHZ
  • Engines 2x LMT 3060 Hi-Amp/LK
  • ESC MGM Compro TMM 25063-X2-Series 250/360A



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