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The best wraps for M115 and M138 boats, batteries and chargers

Precision manufactured wraps for Mystic 115 and Mystic 138 boats. These wraps are produced using the highest quality materials, identical to those used in surf board wraps. They excel thanks to precise manufacturing, top quality materials and their unique design. We’re offering battery and charger wraps in addition to these boat wraps. All exclusively carry the MGM COMPRO and POWERBOATS.cz logos. These can be positioned directly beneath the catamaran model and can also be made in a very compact all-in-one configuration.

Below are just some of the great responses we’ve received to these new products with the highest quality from MGM CONTROLLERS.

“The bag arrived yesterday. I have to tell you, at first I thought it was rather expensive. But after seeing the quality of the bag and how good a fit it is, I must say it was well worth the money I spent. I have close to $7000.00 invested in my MHZ 138. I am convinced that this bag will protect it. Thank you for another outstanding product.” Steven Arce

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